CEO Message January 2018

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May you arise each day with a voice of blessing whispering in your heart. – John O’Donohue, For Belonging

Dear Friends,

This lovely quote comes from one of my favorite philosophers and poet, the late John O’Donohue.  His language and thoughtful perspective seem to envelop me in emotion and reflection.  During difficult times in my life, I have found solace in his writings.

At Hospice Giving Foundation we are graced by wonderful people day in and day out; they are the voices of blessings in our hearts.  Each of the different voices help us tell our story and remind us of our purpose. Conversations with donors, whose generosity allows us to award grants to agencies that care for members of our community at end of life, are enlightening and heartening.  Meeting with those who provide the care bring to light the balance between compassion and expertise needed to effectively do this work.  Family members who share stories of someone they love at end of life teach us about resolve, hope, and strength.

The stories, regardless of the voice, incorporate personal values.  One of the things I value most is family.  Family comes in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.  Genes don’t define family, heart does. This year during the holidays I had the privilege of being with family; some who I rarely see, others who are reassuringly close by.  My cousin sent me a group photo of several of us and he remarked that we are blessed to have a great family.  So right. I hope throughout 2018, you connect with those you see less often and find ways to show, whomever makes up your family, your love and gratitude.

Gratitude for others can also mean giving them the opportunity to honor you during your life and at the end of your life.  We know we’ll all take this journey, yet we stumble when it’s time to talk about it. Hospice Giving Foundation considers it an honor to offer each of you someone at your side as you learn to talk with family and friends and allow others to lovingly be by your side. We want to fulfill our promise to you to be here for you to help with planning and preparing for end of life. We encourage you to take the time – while you are healthy – to talk about your wishes and your hopes.  Consider which options are best for you, long before you need to make decisions.

Before I close, one more John O’Donohue blessing…

May you find a harmony between your soul and your life.

All of us at Hospice Giving Foundation wish you and yours a New Year filled with good health, meaningful moments, and harmony.

My best,

Siobhan Greene, President/CEO

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