CEO Message January 2018

May you arise each day with a voice of blessing whispering in your heart. – John O’Donohue, For Belonging Dear Friends, This lovely quote comes from one of my favorite philosophers and poet, the late John O’Donohue.  His language and thoughtful perspective seem to envelop me in emotion and reflection.  During difficult times in my life, I have found solace in his writings. At Hospice Giving Foundation we are graced by wonderful people day in

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Royalty to Us – Dick and Maria Fetherstonhaugh

Their name can be hard to master*, however the Fetherstonhaughs are very easy to admire. Dick and Maria have been married for 67 years, have lived in 15 different cities across the US, and found their way back home to California some 30 years ago, when Dick retired from Pennzoil. Both native Californians, they know the value of working your way up, turning risks into opportunity, and making commitments to causes that resonate in

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A Career of Compassion

After 20 years at Natividad Medical Center, Dr. Marc Tunzi has gone to many funerals, had many conversations, and continues to help his patients answer the question, “What is a good death for you?”. A smart kid of Swiss- Italian parents, born at SVMH and raised in Spreckels, he describes going to med school as a series of “happy accidents.” Since science came easily to him, medical school seemed a natural fit. Dr. Tunzi

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Barrie’s Story – Planning for the Future

Most of us think of end-of-life care just for the patient. This story reminds us that the care and planning is for the entire family. My mom was one of those down-to-earth, farmer women from Arizona. She was pragmatic and feisty, yet possessed a very special kind of optimism and hope. She believed in solutions, even little miracles, and her life experiences supported those beliefs. She had a charming, private way of finding inspiration.

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Path to Today: Part II – Local Impact

The formation of Hospice Giving Foundation was a visionary move. The leadership believed that by raising funds and awarding grants to many different agencies, patients and families would have greater access to compassionate and dignified care at end-of-life. They also believed that it was equally important to help people understand their options and have access to care. The generous community that has financially supported Hospice Giving Foundation made this possible. Alice Kinsler, the

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Path to Today: Part I – Early Days, Local Influence

Hospice care, as we know it, was started in England by Dame Cecily Saunders. In the early to mid-1970s the movement found its way to America and some forward-thinking people in Monterey took the lead to make end-of-life care available locally. It was 1976. Two cancer patients found comfort by meeting weekly to talk about their cancer journey. Others joined and the group grew. Around the same time, Dr. Jerry Rubin of Monterey and

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Here for You

Hospice Giving Foundation for those who live as well as for those who are dying It was about 4.5 years ago sitting in my busy office at a Child Advocacy program when I got the call. “There is a job you need to take.” My friend and sometimes mentor didn’t know how swamped I was at work. I told her I was too busy to apply for or think about another job, plus I

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Give What You Have Been Given

By the traditional measures of generosity, Brian Kelly, our founding board chair and one of our strongest supporters, is generous indeed. Brian could hardly be more generous with both his time and his financial support. Still, he offers more: he has a rare gift for bringing comfort to others, as we found when we sat down with him recently. When Brian talks about the end of life and the importance of compassionate care, he

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Message from the CEO 2107

  Dear Friends, July 2017 marks the 20th Anniversary of Hospice Giving Foundation; making this a good time to reflect on this Foundation’s history. Over 20 years ago the leaders of a small, local hospice provider had a vision to broaden its reach into end of life care and create a foundation exclusively devoted to funding end of life care and services in our community. The establishment of this independent entity, now known as

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