Will you be able to say you lived the life you wanted?

  • Before I Die - Josefina, credit: Andrew George
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Monday, September 12, 2016 - 11:15am

Photo credit: Andrew George

Are you living the kind of life you want?

“Right Before I Die,” an exhibit that opened last month at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles encourages people to ask themselves that question. It gives everyone a chance to experience something that we all will eventually —  death.

The exhibit, by photographer Andrew George, features life-size portraits of 20 terminally ill patients. Each was given the opportunity to reflect on his or her life and share what made it meaningful.

A common theme among the participants is that they no longer fear death.

The exhibit aims to diminish some of the taboos surrounding death and expand our compassion for those who are dying. It encourages all people to ask themselves right now if they are living the kind of life they want to live, as a way of  helping them die without regrets.

To learn more about the exhibit, visit www.museumoftolerance.com/site/c.tmL6KfNVLtH/b.9446011/k.C89F/Right_before_I_die.

To learn more about "Right Before I Die," visit www.rightbeforeidie.com.

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