Meet Kathy and Rosemarie Russo
Kathy and Rosemarie Russo

Kathy and Rosemarie Russo are valued office volunteers who enjoy working together because it gives them another chance to catch up.

Rosemarie was born in Carmel and graduated from Monterey High School. She was one of the first volunteers at what used to be called Hospice House, trained and inspired to serve patients at the end of life by Laurette Toldi. Rosemarie has an uncanny ability to understand the concerns of those at the very end of life, even when they may have trouble communicating in the usual ways. Personally familiar with the challenges of losing a loved one, Rosemarie enjoys giving back and Hospice Giving Foundation is lucky to have her help.

Kathy Russo moved to this area when she was only 12. Her own mother died just before Kathy married Jim Russo, and Rosemarie has been like a mother to her ever since. Kathy gives us a gift every year on her mother’s birthday, on Mother’s Day, and on Christmas, reasoning that “If she were still here, I would buy a gift for her. These gifts are my way of remembering my mom on those occasions.” Kathy and Jim have two beautiful adult daughters, both of whom still live in the area. We are delighted that Kathy gives her valuable time as a volunteer for Hospice Giving Foundation.

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