Compassionate Care Alliance is “Coming Home” to Hospice Giving Foundation

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Saturday, August 1, 2015 - 8:00am

Dear Friends of Hospice Giving Foundation:

Since 2001 Hospice Giving Foundation has supported a wonderful community outreach program with which many of you are familiar – Compassionate Care Alliance. Today, on behalf of the Board of Directors of both Compassionate Care Alliance and Hospice Giving Foundation, we are writing you to share news of changes.

Vicki Nelson, who has served as Compassionate Care Alliance’s Executive Director since 2001, will be retiring this fall. Vicki has been the ‘brains’, the passion, and the energy behind Compassionate Care Alliance for 14 years. Thanks to support of individuals and professionals throughout our community Compassionate Care Alliance has provided valuable and extremely relevant services to the residents of Monterey County. This year they were recognized on the Monterey Herald’s front page for hosting their successful Call 911 theatrical reading.

The need in our community for end-of-life education, awareness, and preparedness continues as does our commitment to serving that need. Therefore, the Boards of Directors of the Compassionate Care Alliance and Hospice Giving Foundation are pleased to announce that Hospice Giving Foundation will assume the innovative and important programs Vicki helped to create at the Compassionate Care Alliance.

Compassionate Care Alliance in many ways is “coming home” to Hospice Giving Foundation. The Foundation’s initial and subsequent annual grants have been essential in making Compassionate Care Alliance programs and events possible. In light of the changes to the nation’s healthcare delivery system, these ongoing advance care-planning discussions and programs are more important than ever.

The transition from the Compassionate Care Alliance to Hospice Giving Foundation will be finalized this fall. In the meantime, our two organizations will work closely through the remainder of 2015 to present several events.

  • September 16th: A showing and discussion of the PBS documentary, Being Mortal at Hartnell College.
  • Sept 17th – Oct 8th: The first of a series of small-group, 4-week personal end-of-life planning workshops facilitated by Shary Farr to be held at Hospice Giving Foundation.
  • November 14th: Community Healthcare Ethics Forum: Informed Consent and Patient Autonomy, featuring Clarence Braddock, M.D., CCA’s well-received 2014 keynote speaker, returning to explore the ethics of informed consent and patient autonomy.
  • November 21st: Coping with Grief at the Holidays workshop.
  • New installments of advance care-planning workshops providing practitioners and community members with practical information on advance care planning, end-of-life care issues, as well as updates on the Physicians Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST).

The Board of Directors for Compassionate Care Alliance thanks the community for your years of support. Together we hope that as this next phase unfolds you will continue to honor the ideals of the Compassionate Care Alliance with your support of Hospice Giving Foundation.


Nanci Markey Mary Brusuelas, RN
Board Chair Board Chair
Hospice Giving Foundation Compassionate Care Alliance


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